Summer Leaves Shadow

Carefully curated | vintage and reusable vessels | all natural waxes | Hand Poured in Annapolis, MD


Seashell perfection

She's big, bold and brass! This 1970's planter is a rare unicorn of finds! 9 in.w. x 3.5 in. h. Sel de Mer and Mediterranean Fig. $132

Packs a punch

She packs a big punch in this tiny little package. She's an adorable asset to the living room coffee table. 3.5in. h x 3in. w. Sea salt and Vetiver. $42

Oh so happy scallops

Her scalloped edges make us so happy! With 40oz. She'll make the perfect ambiance on the large kitchen island. 3in. h x 8in. w. Amber and Blood Orange. $82

Ceramic and Glass

Green Goddess

She's giving 1970. We are in love with this olive green color that is sure to add a beautiful ambiance to any room. Blood Orange and Rosemary. 5in. w x 6in. h. $48

Perfectly Frosted

Fresh as a daisy, we are here for this perfectly frosted 1950's daisy button patterned vintage Fenton vessel. 3in. w x 5 in. h. Dry gin and Bergamot. $42

The Real McCoy

This is the real McCoy! Pottery that is. This 1950's black splatter design is oh so pretty in pink! Sea salt and Mediterranean fig. 5.5in. w x 5in. h. $48

Conversation pieces

Peanuts for sale!

This adorable ceramic nut/candy lidded dish is bound to be a conversation piece for your coffee table. Sea salt and Vetiver. 8.5in. w x 2.5in. h. $48

She's sassy

This mid century swan style planter is sure to steal the shelfie show. 6in. w x 5 in. h. Amber and Blood Orange. $52


"Ask not what you can do for your country, but what country can do for you." This collector's drinking glass would be the perfect bud vase after burning. 2.5 in. w x 6in. h. Dry gin and Bergamot. $38

Caring for your Candles

Burn candle within sight.

Keep your candle away from children, pets OR things ​that could catch fire.

Keep away from drafts and vibrations.

Use a wick trimmer or your fingers to trim the candle's ​wick to1/4 inch before EVERY burn.

Minimize mess when putting out your candle.

Keep your candle clean of debris including wick ​trimmings and matches.

Only burn on a level, fire-resistant surface.

Do not burn for more than 4 hours.

About us

Out of our love for travel and collecting vintage a long the way, a candle company was born.

We spend time carefully curating rare and interesting vintage vessels. Best of all, after burning your beautiful candle, it's reusable. Filled with all natural waxes and modern scent profiles, they make themselves right at home!

xoxo, Matt and Jess

Snow Covered Trees

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